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What is Show and Tell?

Expand on the Play Date concept by getting a group of like-minded friends together for an evening, or better yet a weekend. As part of that time, encouage everyone to bring something or do something that really means something to them that maybe the group or others don't really know about them. Maybe their first poem, or drawing, or clay modeling, jump rope, model airplane making, knitting, finger painting, a T-shirt collection, photography tricks, show a collection of something unusual, do paper machet, fake tatoos, making collagues, oragame, share an idea for a play, or guide the creation of a play in the moment with each person adding a twist to the play, read your favorite childhood story, creatve a skit together - let your imagination flow. If it is a weekend gathering, maybe you bring extra material and help others create something and aid them with short-cuts you have learned. The basic idea is to create or share something with others and have fun.

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Waiting for one's pleasures is tiresome work. - Petronius

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