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The books in this section are in the personal collections of the Facilitators of H.O.W. workshops. Many are referenced in the workshops. Click on the ripple to view the dust jacket cover. We encourage you to purchase these books either through your local independent bookstore or click on Buy this Book! next to the book you desire to help support our mission. Search for other books through our site and

  • Baker, Carolyn, Ph.D. Reclaiming the Dark Feminine: the Price of Desire. Carolyn Baker presents a unique perspective on the dark side of the feminine and provides a new approach to gender reconciliation and relationships. Through weaving together the symbolic and the literal, she develops solid ground on which men and woman can join in their quest for union with both the feminine and masculine energies within themselves and each other.New Falcon Publications, 1996, ISBN: 1561840882
  • Berry, Carmen Renee & Lynn Barrington, Daddies & Daughters. The moment a father holds his infant daughter for the first time, a special bond is formed that will shape and mold them both from that point forward. As the first significant man in his daughter's life, he plays a unique and potent role in developing her self-image. In later years, how she perceives herself as friend, lover, wife, mother, and colleague, is in large measure a result of the love and acceptance she saw reflected in her father's eyes as a child. Drawing on stories from across a wide spectrum of individuals and families, told both individually and in tandem, this touching volume explores the heartaches, joy, and frustrations that comprise this complex, primary emotional attachment. Simon & Schuster 1998
  • Brown, Ron, My Father has Left Me and I'm About to Go Off!  A guide to raising a young son. Black males are under assault from many sources. Not that this news is new. Whether listening to the evening news or remembering the lost sons of family and friends, the impact of the loss of so many of our young men to jail or the grave is devastating to the African American community. With the emasculating effect on men and the disproportionate burden placed on women in the Black community, it is easy to see the problem, but where are the solutions? This book addresses the loss of black fathers in our communities. It speaks of anger, despair and isolation that is part of the lives of many black youths who live in female run households. And it tells the story of how one young boy transcended those feelings to find hope, redemption and new directions, finding his own soul and letting it soar. Four-G Publishers 1999 ISBN 1885066597
  • Carlisle, Bob, Butterfly Kisses:  Tender thoughts shared between fathers & daughters, Bob Carlisle. Several years ago, the author wrote the song "Butterfly Kisses" to his sixteen-year-old daughter. It was never intended for release. He was sitting up late one night reminiscing and took out an old cedar box full of photographs. As he began to look at the pictures of his daughter, he came to the realization that he wouldn't have her under his roof much longer. The song just poured out of him that night. In addition to the newfound fame from the crossover success of the song, he experienced a few interesting drawbacks, too. Like having truck drivers pull him over and good-naturedly threaten to slug him while pointing to dents in their trucks from running into something while listening to the song. Then there are other reactions to the song that vary from incredibly moving to sometimes heartbreaking. So, he wrote this book. He wanted men to read the reflections of other men and their daughters and to see their relation portrayed in picture, in a way they could identify with. That way in the future they'll be inspired to create their own "Butterfly" memories with that special little girl in their lives. And if that happens, then the song and the book will have accomplished everything the author hoped they would. Countryman, 1997 ISBN 0849953537
  • Collins, Alfred, Fatherson: A self psychology of the archetypal masculine. Using a varied palette of examples from the literature of both Western and non-Western cultures, the author illustrates the Fatherson archetype from angles both personal and professional. He writes, "In the modern postindustrial West, discord and neglect seem increasingly to dominate the father-son relationship, to the point that for many men the father-son bond has been disrupted, or was never adequately formed in the first place. As the status and role of the Father has been diminished, sons have run wild and free in his absence. The weakened father is not limited to the mass media: he can be found in therapists' offices (even many of the therapists), or more often, licking his wounds in bars and in the audiences of athletic events. Weak fathers often compensate with brutality, but whether they are outwardly weak or brutal, sons suffer." Chiron, 1994 ISBN 0-933029-75-6
  • Ehrenberg, Miriam & Otto, The Intimate Circle The sexual dynamics of family life. Another important out-of-print book that takes an honest look and sexual energy within the family. It gives men in particular an understand of what is natural and what is unhealthy sexual energy in the home. Simon & Schuster, 1988 ISBN 1510446369
  • Elium, Jeanne & Don, Raising a Daughter:  Parents & the awakening of a healthy woman. Following the huge success of Raising A Son, the authors have turned their attention and expertise to the challenge of raising a daughter in today's world. The often conflicting messages to women about women make the raising of girls sometimes a daunting responsibility. The continuing struggle for equality between the sexes may appear to be at odds with the obvious and the not-so-obvious differences between males and females. Ever-changing cultural and social attitudes toward women also affect how we treat our daughters. They help parents unravel and make sense of all this conflicting information. They address the unique challenge of the mother/daughter relationship, the confusion experienced by fathers, and the special needs of single parents. Going step by step through each state of development, from infancy through the teen years and into early adulthood, this book is indispensable reading for new and experienced parents alike. Celestial Arts, 1994 ISBN 0-89087-708-4
  • Elium, Don & Jeane, Raising a Son: Parents and the making of a healthy man. Boys need to know three things:  Who's the boss?  What are the rules?  And, are you going to enforce them?  Sons need firm, kind leadership. One of the few parenting books that husbands steal from their wives, this is the straightforward, easy-to-read family bookshelf standard. The authors continue to chart new territory with this new, updated, expanded and revised edition. Look of discussions on:  boys and ADD, teaching boys to nurture themselves and others at home, creating balance between work and home (what many fathers need to learn), a resource section for parents of gay sons and other sexual identity issues, new, updated parenting resources, an index for quick reference and more. Celestial Arts, Revised and updated. 1996 ISBN 0-89087-811-0
  • Erickson, Beth, Longing for Dad:  Father loss and its impact. Whether you lost your father through death or divorce, or you wished he would have said "I love you" instead of merely being a good provider, you may harbor unresolved hurt in your soul. This hurt - father hunger - masquerades as other symptoms du jour like low self-esteem, fear of intimacy, marital strife, poor work performance, or addictions to food, sex or alcohol. Learn how to identify, validate and heal the pain surrounding father loss. By sharing compelling case studies of men and women and her own personal struggle to accept her father's death, she guides you through the healing process. After reading the dialogues and completing action exercises, you will fill the hole in your soul and emerge from the journey at peace with yourself and your relationship with your father. Health Communications 1998
  • Estes, Clarissa Pinkola, Ph.D. Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype. A Jungian analyst explores the mysteries of the feminine psyche through stories of "wild women"--the mythological archetype of the strong, primitive woman. "The work of Clarissa Pinkola Estés, rooted in old and deep family rites and in archetypal psychology, recognizes that the soul is not lost, but has been put to sleep....This volume reminds us that we are nature for all our sophistication, that we are still wild, and the recovery of that vitality will itself set us right in the world." --Thomas Moore Author of Care of the Soul. Ballantine, 1997 paperback. ISBN: 0345409876
  • Evetts-Secker, Josephine, The Barefoot Book of Father and Son Tales. This richly illustrated book presents father and son tales from all over the world, exploring many aspects of this unique family relationship. Kings, merchants and peasants from Polynesia to Chile all have a powerful influence over the development of their sons, often setting them specific tasks in order that they may acquire the wisdom and courage they need to become independent. Sometimes these fathers are loving and gentle, sometimes foolish and overambitious. The behavior of the young heroes themselves also varies considerably: some have to strive hard to endure their challenge, while others are fortunate enough to find themselves in the right place at the right time. Reaching across geographical boundaries, the bond between fathers and sons is important to all kinds of families. Parents and children alike will relish the wisdom and drama of this exciting collection. Barefoot Books 1999 ISBN: 1902283325
  • Exley, Helen, The Love Between Fathers and Daughters. "I know I have my father wrapped around my little finger, but he has we wrapped around his", says Holly, the daughter of Charlton Heston. This beautiful collection celebrates the magical bond between fathers and their daughters. It's the perfect gift from one to the other. Exely Publications, 1995 ISBN 1-85015-643-3
  • Farrell, Warren, Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say: Destroying myths, creating love. This book shows how to break through the invisible barriers that keep men from expressing their deepest feelings and keep intimacy from its fullest development. The author demonstrates how gender-based anger at home and at work, omnipresent media images, and the overall culture combine with men's own fear of expressing feelings to misrepresent the inner and outer reality of men's lives. The result is stereotyping, misinformation, widespread alienation of the sexes from each other in both long-term relationships and first-time encounters, unnecessary divorces, and both sexes' being deprived of the intimacy they crave. Looking at the world from both men's and women's perspectives, the author provides a remarkable and easy-to-follow communication program that shows couples how to move beyond the current tripwire assumptions that lead to so much gender-based conflict and allows them to understand and love each other more fully than ever. He has discovered not what works in theory, but what works in life. His methods are the culmination of years of real-life experiences with thousands of men and women in workshops, groups, and seminars. And you'll find that these methods that create love at home can also create success and respect in the workplace. or Tarcher/Putnam, 1999 ISBN 0-87477-988-X
  • Fossum, Merle, Men in Recovery:  Finding Our Direction (formerly "Catching Fire") Though sadly out-of-print, this is my Number 1 pick that I would like to see every man read. Check used bookstores, or other sources and Buy This Book! Hazelden, 1989
  • Gordon, Barry, Your Father, Your Self: how sons and daughters can understand and heal their relationships with their fathers. The role of the father is central to the emotional life of children and often is key to the quality of their adulthood. Too often, poor relationships with fathers leave sons and daughters unfulfilled and plagued by anger, misunderstood grief, insecurity and even serious anxiety and depression. Here the author covers two aspects of relationships with a father: restoring the son's or daughter's psychological well-being by healing the emotional wounds that result from failure to connect with one's father and attempting to change and heal the current relationship between them. The book demonstrates the emotional rewards of working hard to heal relationships with one's father, including a new self-perspective and improved relationships not only with fathers, but with other family members, friends, children and coworkers. It is a poignant and moving reminder of the powerful role a father plays in our lives and of the emotional imperatives that lead us to seek a deeper union with him. Carol Publishing, 1996
  • Gurian, Michael, The Wonder of Boys:  What parents, mentors and educators can do to shape boys into exceptional men. Therapist and educator Michael Gurian takes a close look at modern boyhood. Gurian asserts that the biological and neurological differences between boys and girls need to be accounted for and nourished in order to raise healthy, happy boys. In discussing boy culture--and the roles of competition, aggression, and physical risk taking--the author concludes, "It's not boy culture that's inherently flawed; it's the way we manage it." The Wonder of Boys offers advice on how to understand and build strong father/son and mother/son relationships, stresses the importance of healthy discipline, and suggests methods of teaching boys about sex, relationships, and spirituality. Tarcher/Putnam, 1996 ISBN 0-87477-8341-X
  • Hay, Louise. You Can Heal Your Life. This New York Times bestseller has sold over 1.5 million copies. Its key message: If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed. For all who are looking for a source of inspiration on the path to self-discovery. Hay House, 1999 ISBN: 1561706280
  • Hendricks, Gay, Ph.D. Conscious Breathing : Breathwork for Health, Stress Release, and Personal Mastery. Offers an effective program for enhancing the quality of one's entire life, drawing on ancient spiritual traditions and modern medical science to explain how to increase health and fitness, overcome asthma and other ailments, and use breathwork to improve communication and personal relationships. Bantam Books, 1995 ISBN: 0553374435
  • Henry, DeWitt & McPherson, James Alan, Fathering Daughters: Reflections by men. The subject of being a father to a daughter has not been fully addressed before, certainly not with the same emotional weight as that of being a father to a son. Beginning with a father's dramatic account of the birth of his girl and ending with a hauntingly beautiful essay by a man taking his daughter on a trip in her first year of college, her second of leukemia, nineteen passionate, articulate writers grapple with what it means to be a father to their daughters. A book for every man who has a daughter, who wished he'd had a daughter, or who hopes to have a daughter someday. A must read! Beacon Press, 1998 ISBN 0-8070-6218-9
  • Hillman, James, Michael Meade, Robert Bly, ed., Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart:  Poems for men. Bly, Hillman, and Meade challenge the assumptions of our poetry-deprived society in this powerful collection of more than 400 deeply moving poems from renowned artists including Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Theodore Roethke, Rainer Maria Rilke, Marianne Moore, Thomas Wolfe, Czeslaw Milosz, and Henry David Thoreau.  Harper Collins, 1993 ISBN: 0-06-092420-9
  • Jampolsky, Gerald & Lee, Listen to Me: A book for women and men about father-son relationships. In this courageous and collaborative tribute to the father-son relationship, they explore their own history and relationship in a series of personal letters to each other. In three parts, their letters reveal the story of conflict, inner struggle, doubt, fear and love that are a part of every man's life. Sharing in their self-doubt, anger, frustration and genuine affection for each other, they take us to a place of compassion and understanding. Insightful reflections and helpful guidelines at the end of each chapter give readers the stepping stores which mark the path to better and happier relationships. Through these intimate dialogues, they help readers achieve peaceful resolutions or deeper wisdom about father-son relationships. Celestial Arts, 1996 ISBN 0-89087-810-2
  • Johnson, Robert A. Lying With the Heavenly Woman : Understanding and Integrating the Feminine Archetypes in Men Lives. The best-selling author of He, She, and We blends elements of myth, storytelling, and Jungian insight to reveal the complex feminine elements in a man's life--including the Mother Complex, the Mother Archetype, Sister, Wife, Anima, Sophia, Hetaira, and Friendship. Harper San Francisco, 1995 ISBN: 0062510665
  • Keen, Sam. Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man. A guide to establishing new personal ideals of heroism, strength, and potency for a fuller life examines the stereotypes, myths, and evolving roles of contemporary men, presenting an alternative vision of virtue and virility. Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd Pap), 1992 ISBN: 0553351370
  • Klein, Art, Dad & Son: A Memoir about Reclaiming Fatherhood and Manhood. The story begins with devastation - Art was incapacitated for five years with a rare mythopethic disorder. At his sons birth, he was scarcely ambulatory and all but blind and deaf from his illness. He had lost his business contacts, his belief that he could be a father, his purpose in living. When he gathered the will to search for a way to independently transport himself and his family, he began to find life again. It reveals much about a man's innate desire to reclaim a purposeful fatherhood and manhood. It ends with hope - a near-miraculous recovery based on his newfound sense of fatherhood and manhood. In sharp contrast to the male-trashing myths so prevalent in our culture, he chronicles and importance to one man, and to all men, of the fatherly and brotherly love men must give to themselves, their children and their world. What you will come to realize is that - needed legal-system changes aside- men will never fully embrace fatherhood until it becomes accepted that fathering, whether biological or attitudinal, is the essence of being a man. This book will definitely help. Tortoise Books, 516.725.9465, 1996
  • Lederman, Ellen, Vacations that can Change Your Life: Adventures, retreats & workshops for the mind, body and spirit. A most interesting book that talks about a number of workshops like: Healing the Father Wound, New Warriors, Opening the Heart, and Joyce & Barry Vissell's Shared Heart Training. Whether you want to indulge your sense of adventure or spiritual curiosity, this book invites you to plan an experience that will affect you in a permanent way. From oceanside yoga retreats and communication workshops to photography excursions and wilderness challenges, this remarkable guide tempts us to challenge our psyches, bodies and boundaries. Treat your mind, body and spirit to the most enriching vacation of your life! Sourcebooks, 1996 ISBN  1-57071-124-0
  • Lee, John, The Wounded Lover:  A book for women raising sons and men coming to terms with their fathers, (formerly At My Fathers Wedding), Ally Press, 1995
  • Leonard, Linda Schierse, The Wounded Woman:  Healing the Father-Daughter Relationship. This is my Number 1 pick for women who are looking at their Father Wound. However, if you haven't done Healing the Father Wound yet, be careful not to see yourself in any one particular group that Linda outlines. An invaluable key to self-understanding. Using examples from her own life and those of her clients, the author exposes the wound of the spirit that arrives from the father-daughter relationship. She speculates that when a father is wounded in his own psychological development, he is unable to give his daughter the care and guidance she needs. In turn, she finds it difficult to express herself on many levels. This book shows that by understanding the father-daughter wound, and working to transform it psychologically, it is possible for them to achieve a fruitful, caring relationship. Shambhala, 1998 ISBN: 1570624119
  • Lerner, Harriet, Ph.D. The Mother Dance: How Children Change Your Life. From the best-selling author of "The Dance of Anger" comes this original look at the experience of Motherhood; from how a woman arrives at the decision to have children, to how her identity does and doesn't change, to how it alters the dynamics of all her relationships over time. HarperCollins (paper), 1999 ISBN: 006093025X Buy This Book
  • Lichtenberg, Greg. Playing Catch With My Mother: Coming Into Manhood When All the Rules Have Changed. Lichtenberg speaks for sons of the gender wars, who must find their way to manhood through a minefield of collapsing families and contradictions.  Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd), 1999 ISBN: 0553099825
  • Manguel, Alberto, Fathers & Sons: An anthology. Men are both fathers and sons. This fundamental relationship is the subject of these twenty moving, loving and insightful short stories. Renowned anthologist, the author has selected a diverse group of the world's best modern writers to explore this powerful connection. Evocative and memorable, this book will pull you into a literary world both familiar and dark, witty and revealing. Chronicle Books, 1998 ISBN 0-8118-1630-3
  • Meade, Michael. Men and the Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of Men. The acclaimed mythologist presents a collection of stories that is a multigenerational exploration of what it means to be a man, including tales of ritual mating dances and life in the African bush. Meade uses myths and symbols to provide keen insights into male initiation, power, ordeals, scars, wounds, passion, violence, love, and more. "Meade is a master of the mode."--New York Times Book Review. HarperSan Francisco, 1994, ISBN: 0062507265
  • Meyer, Chuck, Twelve Smooth Stores: A father writes to his daughter about money, sex, spirituality and other things that really matter. How do you talk to your teenagers about the important things in life - friends, first dates, money, sex, work, beliefs, being true to your values, pornography, dying, alcohol and drugs and other things?  The author found a way. He wrote letters to his daughter. It gave him the space and time he needed to express his thoughts. And it gave his daughter the opportunity to come back and talk to him about everything from psychology to war to college to evolution. This book shares those letters. It will help parents and teens get the conversation started. Northstone 1999 ISBN 1-896836-27-5
  • Myss, Caroline, Ph.D. Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing. The coauthor of The Creation of Health synthesizes the ancient wisdom of three spiritual traditions--Hindu, Christian, and cabalistic--to show readers how to identify the spiritual origin of illness, heal them, and attain higher consciousness. This book describes the seven-step process for promoting spontaneous physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, offering a detailed introduction to the field of energy medicine. Random House (Paper), 1997 ISBN: 0609800140
  • Myss, Caroline, Ph.D. Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can. Myss builds on her teaching to reveal the real reasons people become physically and spiritually ill, why they cling to lives of hurt, disappointment, and dependence, and how they use illness to give meaning to their lives. Three Rivers Pr, 1998, ISBN: 0609802240,
  • Northrup, Christiane, M.D. Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing. Through her clinical and personal experiences, Dr. Christiane Northrup came to see that negative circumstances in our lives often manifest themselves in our bodies as illness and pain. In Women's Bodies, she addresses each area of women's health and explains the potential problems that can arise, the possible treatments and the ways that each can be affected by a woman's spiritual and emotional states. Examples from the lives of her patients illustrate how changes in attitude and life situations can affect a woman's health. She also gives advice on choosing a doctor, deciding on a treatment, nourishing ourselves and healing emotional scars. Christiane serves as an example of a doctor who has taken her conventional medical training and expanded it to address all aspects of health. Review From The WomanSource Catalog & Review: Tools for Connecting the Community for Women; review by FGP , February 1, 1997 Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd Pap), 1998 ISBN: 0553379534
  • Olivier, Richard, Melting the Stone: A journey around My Father. Many men find it hard to move away from their fathers. The author’s experience was exaggerated by being the son of Laurence Olivier, one of those rare men generally regarded as "the best in the world" as what he did. The author’s easy way out would have been to reject him, which at times he tried to do. The harder task, which he eventually acknowledged to be the right one, was to accept his famous father as a human being, who lived his life as well as he could. It’s a search for mature masculinity, encompassing emotion as well as thought and deed. And, at times these overlap, for the father is the son’s first image of manhood. It is a personal story, but the events in it describe common experiences of thousands of men around the world. It was not written to give yet another insight into a great actor’s life. It was written from the perspective of a son trying to come to terms with his past in order to live more fully in the present and look more clearly into the future. Continuum Pub Group, 1996, ISBN: 0882143700
  • Pipher, Mary, Reviving Ophelia:  Saving the selves of adolescent girls. A clinical psychologist observes the psychological pitfalls faced by teenage girls growing up in a dangerous world in which violence, sexual harassment, eating disorders, promiscuity, and drug use have become the norm. At adolescence, says Mary Pipher,"girls become 'female impersonators' who fit their whole selves into small,crowded spaces." Many lose spark, interest, and even IQ points as a "girl-poisoning" society forces a choice between being shunned for staying true to oneself and struggling to stay within a narrow definition of what it is to be female. In this book Pipher offers parents compassion and strategies for survival. Ballantine, 1995 ISBN 0-345-39282-5
  • Pollack, William, Ph.D. Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood. Author and psychologist William Pollack presents his findings from almost 20 years of clinical work and his recently completed study examining contemporary boyhood and the ways boys manifest their social and emotional disconnection through anger and violence. There's a code of boy behavior, Pollack says--an unspoken "boy code" that teaches boys how to act and demands that they cover up their emotions.  Owl Books, 1999, ISBN: 0805061835
  • Reis, Patricia, Daughters of Saturn:  From father's daughter to creative women. Though feminists have turned prodigious energies toward describing mothers and daughters, the father-daughter relationship remains conspicuously ignored. Here, the author explores various aspects of this relationship with a particular focus on the father's effect on a woman's creative life. Beginning with the myth of Saturn, the archetypal devouring and melancholic father, she explores the many ways that the Daughters of Saturn have come to name their experience and have used language to tell their stories. Through myth, dreams, and women's experiences, the author creates a map marking a journey from life in the Belly of the Father through the First Gate of Awakening. She documents women's resistances and rebellions against the dominant culture of patriarchy, the treacherous Battle zone of Culture, and records the lives of four women writers - Emily Dicknson, H.D., Sylvia Plath and Anais Nin - outlining their struggles and strategies to live creative lives. The author marks the trails into what she calls "The Wildzone", a place that has existence outside the law of the fathers: a woman-centered ground of being and knowing. Continuum, 1996, ISBN: 0826408931
  • Shealy, Norm, M.D. The Creation of Health. Physician, neurosurgeon, Norman Shealy, M.D., is an expert on pain and stress management. The Creation of Health explores the emotional, physical, and spiritual patterns that form health and the stresses that can cause disease. With co-author Caroline Myss, they identify eight. Three Rivers Press, 1998 ISBN: 0609803239
  • Simon, Clea, Fatherless Women: How we change after we lose our dads. There is a special bond between a father and a daughter, and when that bond is broken by death, a woman's life can change in profound and unexpected ways. The author explores this crucial meeting point of grief and growth by delving into her own experience and those of other women to paint an illuminating portrait of the father-daughter relationships and its lifelong ramifications. Filled with moving stories of real women, this poignant, comforting, and insightful book paves the way for all women to make peace with the past, with the adults they have become, and to couragesously face the question: what happens next? John Wiley,, 2001 ISBN 0-471-22895-8
  • Valentis, Mary, Ph.D. Female Rage: Unlocking Its Secrets, Claiming Its Power. Examines the very real causes of women's rage over gender and cultural bias, explaining why such a reaction is not only real but also justified and how the acknowledgment of that rage leads to empowerment. OOP
  • Walkerdine, Valerie, Daddy's Girl:  Young girls and popular culture. When she's itty, bitty and blond, wearing ribbons and curls and an aura of money, she's adorable and vulnerable, the tiny, innocent heart of our culture. But when the little girl comes from the working class, she's something else. Just what, and why so little is said about it, are the questions the author asks in this book, a book about how we see young girls, how they see themselves, and how popular culture mediates the view. The author's challenge to certain feminist conceptions of today's problems is both refreshingly iconoclastic and worth considering. She provides a provocative historical analysis of the portrayal of girls. She also offers her view of the implications of television, where young girls, primarily working-class girls, dress up like adult women rock stars and gyrate provocatively while they sing pop songs full of sexual innuendoes. Harvard University Press, 1998 ISBN 067418601X
  • Weinstock, Nicholas, The Secret Love of Sons:  How we men feel about our mothers, and why we never tell. Boys love their mothers, but even those who proclaim it on biceps sporting "Mother" tattoos don't talk much about Mom. A few do, though, and while the author quotes dozens of men in the tried-and-true confessional mode of popular psychology books, the primary interviewees are himself, his brothers, and his mother. The still-young Weinstock (age 27) puts mother-son relations into one category (the taboo realm of romance and sex) and three periods (ages infancy-10, 10-18, 18 and up). Riverhead Books, 1997 ISBN: 1573226726
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...that is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way. - Doris Lessing

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